I'm so pleased to share with you the new video for Ruby. This past year my little brother Jon spent countless hours trying to convert my family's collection of home movies. Somehow my dad in 1988 got a camera with "Buick Points" and then proceeded to a side career as a world-class cinematographer. Obviously, these visuals mean so much to me because this is my family, but they mean so much to why I love the song Ruby as well. Ruby is by far one of the happiest songs I've ever written, unabashedly so. I know this seems like strange, uncharted waters for the Oaks catalog and especially Eraserland, but even the darkest night has a dawn. This is a song about the time and how with each year passing it feels like a dream and having these memories of my childhood to share with you just feels natural. I'm also really pumped that my dad finally can get a "Director of Photography" credit to add to his resume. Enjoy!

We recorded three songs in about three hours. Gray Tower took two takes, the rest one. It's not supposed to happen this smoothly, but it did. Mainly because we have all lived these songs and for each of us it came so naturally. In my head I'd like to believe Jason would approve. We’ve got your sweet tunes to play.